What race do you play for Starcraft 2?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School

Anyone else thing that summer was way to short? My schedule is pretty bad and now all my classes are longer. What the fuck are the school board doing.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Last Lan of the Year

I'm here with my buddies having a good time. It's sad this will be our last lan of the year. Game.

Anyone can help me?

As you can see the question for my poll isn't showing up. Can anyone tell me why?
The question should say, "What race do you play for Starcraft 2?"

Why people are complaining about Starcraft 2 only into its first month

Any person with some knowledge of Starcraft 2 knows that a lot of players consider the terran race over powered.  Now honestly people need to stop crying about it.  Yes this is no longer the beta trial and people have paid good money for it, but for them to judge a race as "over powered" this soon is out of the question.  You can bet on it in the near future more strategies for each race will evolve and I believe the terran race is just easier to adapt to.  Obviously this is just my opinion so I would love to hear from fellow Starcraft 2 fans.

Don't get the wrong idea

No I am not an actual Ewok, I am human.

Why you're in an Ewok's jungle

Honestly you guys don't need to know why you're on planet Endor.  Everyone loves Star Wars and I'm just a cuddly human who is loved by everyone :D.  Now take a good look at that picture and don't tell me you don't want to say "awwww"

What's up everyone

I'm a noob blogger but it's all good :)